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A New Trend: The Emergence of Video-Based Annual Reports Public organisations are reimagining their traditional practices to...

23 Jun 2023

A New Trend: The Emergence of Video-Based Annual Reports

Public organisations are reimagining their traditional practices to communicate more effectively with their stakeholders, citizens, and employees. One such area experiencing this transformative change is annual reporting. With the growing power of multimedia, online annual reports based on a series of videos are gaining traction, providing a more dynamic, immersive, and engaging way to share an organisation's progress.

The Video Advantage

The shift towards video-based annual reports is far from arbitrary. Video as a medium carries unique advantages - it grabs attention, enhances the understanding, and fosters engagement. Unlike written reports, video allows for a more personal connection with the audience, incorporating visuals, audio, and storytelling elements. It's not merely about changing the medium but also about amplifying how an organisation shares its progress, achievements, and future plans. 

An annual report is a detailed document that records the year's activities and performance. However, video-based reports introduce a new narrative. Rather than just presenting hard facts and figures, these reports can demonstrate the organisation's work in action, its employees, and its impact on communities. They can bring to life stories of resilience, innovation, and commitment, thereby connecting more effectively with the stakeholders.

The Structure of Video-Based Annual Reports

The content should be broken down into a series of short videos to create an effective video-based annual report. This modular approach allows viewers to navigate through different sections based on interest. 

A remarkable example of this shift towards video-based annual reports is the 2022 annual report from Citydev.Brussels.

This public organisation supports and encourages the economic expansion of the Brussels-Capital Region. Their online report is a model of an innovative, engaging, and effective video-based publication.

Citydev's annual report uses well-curated videos to highlight the organisation's key achievements, initiatives, and impact. It starts with a personalised message from the head of the organisation, Benjamin Cadranel, setting the tone for what follows. 

The report effectively uses multimedia to present highlights, operational insights, and community impact. 

The video segment showcasing their achievements and expertise is a particularly striking aspect of their annual report. The video brings to life the real-world impact of their work, capturing the organisation's commitment to supporting businesses and helping communities thrive in Brussels. It uses a storytelling approach that combines compelling visuals with a powerful narrative, allowing viewers to connect deeply with the organisation's efforts.

Citydev's 2022 annual report is an inspiring model for other organisations, illustrating how video-based online publications can effectively communicate an organisation's progress, initiatives, and impact.

The Accessibility Factor

One of the reasons why video-based annual reports are becoming popular is their accessibility. In today's fast-paced world, not everyone has the time to sift through a dense document. A well-structured video report can deliver key messages effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it enables accessibility for visually impaired people, who can listen to the content.

The Shareability Aspect

With a simple click, stakeholders can share the video report on social media platforms, increasing the report's reach. This could significantly enhance the organisation's visibility and reputation.

The Creative Force Behind the Innovation

The ground-breaking video-based annual report of Citydev.Brussels can be attributed to the strategic collaboration between Citydev's communication team, directed by Barbara Decamps, and the creative communication agency #Pageinextremis. 

#Pageinextremis, known for its innovative approach to visual narratives, partnered with Decamps's team in a co-creative dialogue that ultimately brought the report to life. Their combined efforts ensured that complex information was transformed into compelling, engaging content that resonated with stakeholders. 

This Brussels-based agency, with deep expertise in communication for public organisations and EU associations, effectively showcased its ability to utilise digital mediums in Citydev's annual report. With Barbara Decamps and her team, #Pageinextremis set a new milestone in creative communication, underscoring the power of collaborative creativity.

As we move further into the digital age, the use of video for public reporting will only grow. This shift provides a unique opportunity for organisations to redefine communication strategies and make annual reports more engaging, accessible, and shareable. The time has come to make annual reporting an attractive storytelling tool.

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