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Brussels: Emerging as an Energy Sector Trailblazer Amid Challenges BRUGEL, the primary regulatory authority in Brussels for...

26 May 2023

Brussels: Emerging as an Energy Sector Trailblazer Amid Challenges

BRUGEL, the primary regulatory authority in Brussels for electricity, gas, and water price control, has been instrumental in navigating significant sector changes and challenges. As we examine the insights provided in the 2022 BRUGEL Activity Report, we see a narrative of resilience, strategic planning, and unwavering determination to fulfil its vital missions. The report is a testament to the year's formidable challenges and significant achievements in these critical sectors.

Navigating the Energy Crisis

In 2022, the world faced its worst energy crisis since the 1970s. This crisis, stemming from economic recovery post-pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, led to high inflation rates. The Brussels Region felt the impacts, with soaring energy prices straining the energy and water sectors. The crisis spotlighted Brussels households' vulnerability, with 80% now possibly eligible for protected customer status.

The crisis's repercussions were significant for suppliers, forcing several operators to cease operations or leave the market. By the end of 2022, the market essentially transformed into a duopoly, predicting potential rising energy costs for Brussels, unlike trends in Flanders and Wallonia.

Investment Needs in Water Sector

The energy prices surge and resulting inflation also affected the water sector, which has been historically underfunded. VIVAQUA, the operator, sought to revise water tariffs to counterbalance inflation-related expenses. SIBELGA, the electricity and gas distribution network manager, leveraged tariff balances to minimise the crisis's impact on customers.

Yet, substantial investments across the gas, electricity, and water sectors are necessary to improve service quality. To meet the goal of decarbonising the Brussels Region by 2050, SIBELGA will need to focus on the rising role of electricity. VIVAQUA's water network also requires significant renovations.

Brussels Leading the Way

Despite challenges, Brussels is recognised as a role model in several energy sectors, showing promise in "energy sharing" projects and implementing an effective plan for deploying electric vehicle charging points.

BRUGEL's teams worked closely with other stakeholders to advocate for consumer interests and promote the energy transition. They conducted studies and provided initiative opinions to assist political bodies in addressing market dysfunction, energy and water insecurity, adjustment of green certificates, network flexibility, pricing, and technical regulations.

Behind the Scenes of the Report

The Communication Agency, #Pageinextremis, is delighted to have contributed to the creative development and graphic production of the 2022 BRUGEL Activity Report. 

The result is an inspiring online and printed publication fostered by a collaborative dialogue between Adeline Moerenhout, BRUGEL Communication Advisor, and the agency's creative unit.

If you want to take your communication to the next level, consider partnering with #pageinextremis. Our team of experts excel in creating captivating printed and online publications to help you achieve your communication goals.

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