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Pathway to excellence: the 2022 CER activity report - A top-notch communication! The 2022 CER Activity Report showcases the...

24 Mar 2023

Pathway to excellence: the 2022 CER activity report - A top-notch communication!

The 2022 CER Activity Report showcases the European railway sector's resilience and solidarity in the face of challenges such as the Ukraine crisis and escalating energy costs. 

Actively participating in relief efforts, the CER has also proposed measures to tackle energy costs and focused on creating a "Single European Railway Area" by securing funds for expansion and digitalisation to achieve a modern, efficient infrastructure. 

The Digital Automatic Coupling project exemplifies how digitalisation streamlines the fragmented railway system. Additionally, the CER is dedicated to combating climate change by promoting eco-friendly transportation and raising awareness about decarbonising transport.

This report embodies exceptional communication and openness, integrating top-notch activity reporting techniques and setting a gold standard for other organisations. It clearly outlines achievements, progress, and upcoming priorities, using accurate and up-to-date data from various sources. 

Presented in a logical, structured manner with simple language, the report is accessible to a broad audience. It highlights key achievements with concrete examples and includes visually appealing graphics and illustrations to aid data comprehension.

By adhering to these best practices, the 2022 CER Activity Report exemplifies the organisation's dedication to clarity, communication, and responsibility, bolstering its reputation within the industry.

The Communication Agency, #Pageinextremis, takes pride in its contribution to the creative development and graphical production of the 2022 CER Activity Report. 

The result is an inspiring brochure from a collaborative dialogue between the CER Communication team, led by the remarkable Cliona Cunningham, and the agency's creative unit.

#Pageinextremis boasts extensive expertise in message communication and has developed a meticulous process with monitoring and quality checks to ensure client satisfaction and optimal results.

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