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Jules Bordet Institute Publishes its Scientific Report - 2022 Edition Cutting-edge research and ambitious projects in the fight...

17 Mar 2023

Jules Bordet Institute Publishes its Scientific Report - 2022 Edition

Cutting-edge research and ambitious projects in the fight against cancer

The Jules Bordet Institute, a top-tier cancer research hub, has unveiled its 2022 Scientific Report, highlighting ground-breaking research and bold projects that lead the battle against cancer. The Institute is dedicated to bringing the newest translational and clinical research discoveries to patients, collaborating closely with healthcare professionals, researchers, support teams, and, most importantly, patients who trust and participate in clinical trials.

Recently, the Jules Bordet Institute has concentrated on creating a tailored and holistic approach to patient care, considering medical and non-medical aspects. To accomplish this, the Institute has pinpointed its strengths and prioritised research projects that address cancer patients' most pressing needs. These projects are chosen based on their ability to bring tangible changes to clinical practice, their need for academic input, and their multidisciplinary nature.

The research agenda of the Jules Bordet Institute for 2020-2022 features four primary pillars:

  1. Exploring and grasping tumour diversity: By examining the complex nature of tumours, researchers can devise more effective and targeted treatment options for cancer patients.
  2. Advancing precision and personalised oncology: The Institute aims to enhance outcomes and reduce side effects by customising cancer treatments for each patient.
  3. Fostering innovation in cancer management: The Institute is dedicated to discovering new and more efficient ways to manage cancer, including developing innovative therapies and improving existing ones.
  4. Crafting new approaches to patient empowerment and well-being: By focusing on the mental and emotional aspects of cancer care, the Institute strives to improve patients and their families overall well-being.

The Jules Bordet Institute's recent move to the Free University of Brussels academic campus has unlocked new collaboration opportunities with the Erasme University Hospital and the university's health faculties, particularly its university laboratories. This relocation has established a one-of-a-kind setting where all stakeholders can work in unison to promote translational and clinical research, resulting in the most inventive care and teaching.

Besides these four main pillars, the Jules Bordet Institute continues to back and engage in academic research initiatives, such as the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), the Breast International Group (BIG), and the Oncodistinct network.

The Jules Bordet Institute's 2022 Scientific Report underscores the organisation's dedication to propelling cancer research and enhancing patient care through innovation, collaboration, and a personalised approach. The recent move to the academic campus of the Free University of Brussels, along with the integration of the three hospitals within the H.U.B., has generated a wealth of new possibilities for research teams, academic partners, and private collaborators in Belgium and around the world. By joining forces, the Jules Bordet Institute and its partners are well-positioned to make remarkable progress in the fight against cancer and improve the lives of patients and their families.

The Jules Bordet Institute has entrusted communication agency #pageinextremis with designing and producing the scientific report. The publication was made in close collaboration with the Jules Bordet Institute's communication team, particularly with Clara Mercier, whose efficiency significantly contributed to the publication's success.

#pageinextremis has created major publications for numerous international organisations and European associations. 

#pageinextremis has produced major publications for multiple international organisations and European associations. 

The communication agency has been honoured to serve an esteemed organisation like the Jules Bordet Institute for several years. 

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