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How to maximise the impact of your publications?  The case of the Amcham EU study "Exporting to the world: EU regions and...

11 Jan 2022

How to maximise the impact of your publications?  The case of the Amcham EU study "Exporting to the world: EU regions and trade".

Today, a publication must be distributed on several channels to have the widest distribution.

First, the digital channel:

Transforming a print publication into digital makes it easy to expand your audience. Well-referenced, the online publication will be accessible through search engines for all those interested in its subject.

An excellent digital publication requires adapting the content to the possibilities of interactions between the reader and the content. For example, an interactive geographic map provides easy access to data relating to each country.

Then, Social Media:

In addition, it will be easy to promote the publication on social media with hyperlinks (call to action).

In the current period, we can explain the dominant digital position by the absence of face-to-face. That is a particular context, but no one hopes that this situation will continue.

So let's not overlook the print version of a publication:

Throughout its history, a print publication had an authoritative impact when distributed, often given hand-to-hand at events by someone you knew and already trusted.

The print version retains its official character in many spheres: the authors produced the content with rigour and seriousness. Otherwise, why would it have been printed?

The printing keeps a lasting trace of what is said there; it has a dimension of posterity. It is concrete; we receive an object, a gift made especially for us.

How to combine print and digital channels?

Discover the case of the Amcham EU publication "Exporting to the world: EU regions and trade".

The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) commissioned the research conducted independently by LE Europe. The study explores the impact of international exports on regional employment and the production of goods and services across the EU. 

The report outlines worldwide trends in international trade and global value chains and briefly discusses the impact of COVID-19. It reviews how exports contribute to the growth of the EU economy, provides detailed analysis reflecting the diversity of EU regions and puts forward some recommendations for action at local, national and EU levels.

The publication is composed of a study and its supplement with regional case studies both printed. 

A digital platform allows presenting the study's main highlights and downloading the digital versions.

The visitor can click on the highlighted countries through an interactive map to see a profile of many regions' industrial make-up, principal economic growth and competitiveness drivers, and longer-term prospects.

Finally, short videos and other visual teasers are posted on social media and call the reader to the digital platform dedicated to the study.

This integration of efficient communication tools for the various most efficient distribution channels results from close collaboration between the communication team of Thibaut L'Ortye, Amcham EU Director of Public Affairs, and the inextremis agency creative unit.

If you are interested in combining several communication channels, please get in touch with us to benefit from our experience in this fantastic global approach to communication.

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