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Does social media require a strategic approach? Developing a presence on social media requires a first step in clarifying and...

20 Dec 2021

Does social media require a strategic approach?

Developing a presence on social media requires a first step in clarifying and defining the implementation strategy.

This step consists mainly of defining the target audiences, the messages to be sent to these audiences, the social channels where these distinct audiences are present.

Unlike traditional media, social media have the particularity of allowing its users to target specific audience segments. That's why organising your social media activity with a succession of short and focused campaigns can be a winning social media strategy.

When they are set up, these "tiny campaigns" should not be too long to avoid the effect of weariness - very quickly present on social networks when the messages are repeated too often and always in the same way.

It is also essential to vary and adapt your messages according to selected social media. You do not address your interlocutors in the same way on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Youtube.

The communication agency #inextremis is helping numerous organisations develop their social media presence through well-defined social media programmes.

Starting with a comprehensive social media audit, the agency's digital team provides a detailed assessment of your social media's current impact. Next, the digital unit organises workshops with you and your key stakeholders on how to improve your brand and messages recognition.

#inextremis helps its clients create compelling, multi-channel campaigns targeting European regulators, policymakers and decision-makers, professional associations, journalists, industry experts, and academics – to name only a few.

The agency guides you in creating a digital strategy to increase your brand awareness and make your social media an integral part of your organisation's success.

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