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Is there a unique role for social media in a communication campaign? Nowadays, everyone agrees to consider social media as...

23 Apr 2021

Is there a unique role for social media in a communication campaign?

Nowadays, everyone agrees to consider social media as central as part of a communication campaign. Does this mean that we can limit our campaign by being present on these communication channels?

Not really; in reality, if social media are today inseparable from a communication campaign, they perform a triple role:

First, they help promote each campaign activity.

They are then vectors of messages to ensure consistency between the messages published there and the messages deployed during the other campaign communication activities.

Finally, thanks to the statistics that social media generate, they complete the understanding and analysis of the impact of the various campaign activities.

In its communication campaign on its certification system, the Zhaga consortium effectively uses social media. Present on the Twitter, LinkedIn and youtube mix, the campaign gives excellent results and, particularly with manufacturers, one of the main targets.

Zhaga Consortium is a global lighting-industry organisation that aims to standardise interfaces of components of LED luminaires. Currently, Zhaga is comprised of over 270 member companies, including manufacturers of LED luminaires, modules, drivers and engines, material and component suppliers, and testing labs.

Zhaga Consortium entrusts the communication agency Page in extremis with the development of its integrated communication campaigns. The agency has developed a content strategy with blogs, public relations, videos, social media, advertising, case studies, guides…

Based in Brussels, the communication agency makes associations brands conversational, helps organisations engage with their stakeholders and convey their messages.


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