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Cobalt, an essential element behind many of today’s most critical applications!  Cobalt is a technology-enabling material that...

23 Nov 2020

Cobalt, an essential element behind many of today’s most critical applications! 

Cobalt is a technology-enabling material that is currently irreplaceable in many of today’s technologies; portable devices such as laptops and smartphones, batteries for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage systems, wind turbines, automotive safety systems, cutting tools, prosthetics, catalysts, aircraft, rockets and many more applications, could not exist without the vital contribution of cobalt.

More than just metal, cobalt enhances our quality of life and plays a vital part in building a sustainable future.

As the demand for cobalt increases, so does the exposure to supply chain risk. The complexity of the cobalt supply chain means it is exposed to multiple responsible sourcing risks. With consumers, the media, and society now well-aware of this, many companies that use cobalt are scrutinising the sustainability of their supply chains. 

For example, many automotive companies – the most significant users of cobalt – are transferring their customer’s requirements to their cobalt suppliers, requiring increased due diligence and assessment of every step of their supply chain including sourcing. 

Cobalt producers and buyers have a responsibility to give these end users the confidence that the materials they work with are responsibly sourced and produced.

Intending to establish an industry-wide cobalt supply chain risk management framework, in 2017, the Cobalt Institute entered into a partnership with RCS Global, a leading adviser on responsible sourcing of natural resources. The result of this partnership is the Cobalt Industry Responsible Assessment Framework (CIRAF).

The Cobalt Institute (CI) has a longstanding commitment to the sustainable and responsible production and use of cobalt. 

The Cobalt Institute (CI) entrusted the communication agency Page in extremis with the mission to promote its proactive approach to sustainability.

A thematic website and a social media campaign (Twitter and LinkedIn) have been elaborated in close collaboration with the communication team of the Cobalt Institute.

Digital communication campaigns offer the organisation to outline its messages and highlight its uniqueness to a specific target audience, with tailored communications, through various mediums.

One of the first steps is to define a strategy through analysis. Although the way to communicate will differ across social channels, the messages should remain consistent, address the relevant audience and stand out in the context.

Based in Brussels, the communication agency Page in extremis makes associations brands conversational, helps organisations engage with their stakeholders and convey their messages.


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