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Nonwovens, you say? What do running shoes, baby diapers, surgical masks, roads, and air filters all have in common? Surprise!...

23 Oct 2020

Nonwovens, you say?

What do running shoes, baby diapers, surgical masks, roads, and air filters all have in common?

Surprise! It’s nonwovens.

Although often hiding in plain sight, we use nonwovens both day and night, and from the moment we are born to the day that we die. Thanks to their softness, breathability, and exceptional absorption, nonwovens are today’s unsung heroes of comfort and convenience. But nonwovens aren’t just an essential material in many everyday products, they’re also at the vanguard of sustainability and innovation.

Clearly, the nonwoven sector is full of surprises – and Nonwovens, you say? intends to unveil them all.  

Nonwovens, you say? is an exciting new campaign by EDANA that puts the spotlight on the many benefits of nonwovens.

Over the next 19 months, the communication campaign will be rolling out a range of creative and fun activities that will leave you wowed. Through a dedicated website, social media platforms, videos, infographics, interviews, games, events, and much, much more, EDANA will be highlighting how: 

  • Nonwovens Are Everywhere: discover how nonwovens are used in many of the products we use each and every day.   
  • Nonwovens Are Raising the Bar on Sustainability: learn how this commitment to sustainability has led to several significant environmental achievements. 
  • Nonwovens Are Defining the Future on Innovation: come see how innovation in nonwovens is opening the door to the opportunities and applications that will define the future.

The campaign is the result of an inspiring process, including EDANA—the leading global association and voice of the nonwovens and related industries, their members and the communication agency, Page in extremis.

Stay tuned by following the campaign activities at

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